Why Mary Magdalene

First and foremost our motivation as Mary Magdalene Centre comes from the Biblical Mary Magdalene (hence our name) whom after transforming became not only the faithful follower of Jesus but also a benefactor of his ministry. The famous saying sitting at the feet of Jesus was derived from her example and ardent interest in listening to Jesus whilst sitting at his feet. She followed Jesus all the way and became one of the last to witness him at the cross and to his grave. She was the first eye witness of his resurrection. She was definitely amongst the 120 disciples that received the unction of heaven on the day of Pentecost as well. It seems she had prominence in the major events of salvation as if she had a special attention from heaven.

Secondly Jesus himself specifically mentioned prostitutes as those who believed his forerunner John the Baptist as opposed to the pastors of the time who did not. He reiterated again that prostitutes and tax collectors will go ahead into the kingdom of God before the pastors of the day.

Therefore I am persuaded that the sex workers are more inclined and receptive to the principles of righteousness than the religious people themselves and that there is a huge harvest for turning them to the right path.


Personal Experience

It has been four months since working with sex workers in Quigney especially those in the streets. It was my wife and I, my wife in the background and I meeting them person to person. We started in august 2018 to date. When I first approached them I used to give them fat-cakes, doughnuts, chicken and buns from Spar in Berea. This carried on for about two months, almost every day.  It gave me an opportunity to know their names, where they come from and sometimes, I would pray with them. At the beginning of October, we realized that we needed to offer a full and practical exit help that will enable them never to become sex workers again. We therefore thought that this kind of help was bigger than us alone, we needed South Africa and the world to have a privilege of participating in the ministry of these who are dear to God like Mary Magdalene and we opened an NPO which was approved on the 8th of October. We are grateful to the three board members who offered their skills and volunteered to be our first Board members to party with us in this venture. Our board consists of 5 members. We continue to seek funding for a house that will accommodate at least 20 sex workers for a start. We believe that once this takes off the ground, we will have long queues and waiting lists for Mary Magdalene Centre and this will turn the streets of our communities upside down and contribute to a healthy environment for our children to grow in.


Mary Magdalene Centre’s Objectives

The organisation’s main objectives are:

  • MaMa Centre shall restrict itself to care, cater, clothe, accommodate and rehabilitate female sex workers of all races and their children if resources could be stretched.
  • To sponsor their educational opportunities to increase the chances of leading a changed better life.
  • To sponsor their job skills development
  • To create job opportunities also in MaMa Centre(s) if possible.
  • MaMa Centre does not intend keeping the rehabilitated beneficiaries more than necessary

The organisation’s secondary objectives will be to:

  • To work in collaboration with other organisations that mainly deal with HIV/AIDS, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Various Charitable, Religious and Relevant Government and Private Institutions.

Target Group

Sex workers

  • Who have been compelled to sex work by poverty to make ends meet.
  • Who have been compelled to sex work because they were abused, raped, drugged or trafficked.
  • Who are now saying, I am tired of sex work or sex work is no longer for me.


To restore and establish changing sex workers financially, emotionally and physically.

  • Financially to position them educationally and skill-wise for better job opportunities.
  • Emotionally to face their past and come to terms with it and move on.
  • Physically to rebuild their bodies to lead healthier lives thereafter.


To make it possible for all women who want to stop sex work to get an alternative occupation